Monday, April 21, 2008


I got home from training in Seminole today around 9:30. I went upstairs to check on Joey - and he's asleep.

By 9:30, he was asleep.

WOW! I moved the toys out of his bed, crawled in next to him, kissed his cheeks and snuggled with him for a few minutes. He really was sleeping. And he'd been great and calmer for the past few days. I mean SUPER DUPER WONDERFUL! Do I thank God that he's off the Depakote? Is it the 6 MG of Melatonin that I should be thankful for?

In all honesty, I'm just thankful. Prayers were answered. I just hope that it continues along these lines. So I really am thankful to God.

And now I can play! I have some great sites to check out that Jonathan Decker in Palm Beach shared with me this past week. Can't believe I actually have time.

Because Joey is actually asleep on time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back

Tonight my family watched American Idol Gives Back. The stories were very touching, and even made Joey pause, ask questions, and offer his piggy bank up. Simon showed his sense of humor. I even liked the Googlillion (or however it's spelt) that Ben Stiller was commenting on. It was beautiful and funny and touching.

Until the end. And then it was ruined.

Ben Stiller, this was a family show on a very touching topic. WHY did you have to end it with those cuss words to be bleeped out? I'm sure Joey's not the only kid asking what you were saying and why was it being bleeped. The monologue started off funny, but was ruined with that and sad to say, it made me close iTunes and put down the phone. I paused long enough to write this and then Joey and I are going to go read a book. But I wanted to let you know- in case anyone in your PR area has a Google Alert set up to know what people are saying about you - that one of your biggest fans was very embarrassed by that stint tonight and made me do a double take. I'm ashamed for you right now.

And it's too late for you to take it back.