Sunday, January 6, 2008


Wow. It's been almost a month since I've blogged. Honestly, it wasn't just the season that kept me from sharing my thoughts (with mostly myself), but just a lack of interest. I really didn't have anything to interesting to put out there.

But it's a New Year, and with that comes resolutions. I've made 2 resolutions. Yes, only two! I figured resolutions are usually a failure to start with and so I would limit myself to only two resolutions and one had to be something I KNOW I can do. So my resolutions for the year 2008: 1. Lose weight and try to eat healthier.
2. Read more, and try to finish The World is Flat.

I know I can do #2. I've already read 4 books, three of them while traveling for a training. This Stephanie Plum character of Janet Evanovich is fascinating. I got the strangest looks while laughing at her antics at the airport, but then again maybe they were looking at me strange because I actually had a book in hand and not earphones plugged in and tuned out.

The first one though is going to be a bit of a challenge. I was doing great on the eating healthier until I came across a Bojangles. I had to have a Bojangles chicken biscuit and then I went back for lunch just so I could enjoy their fries. They are my favorite fries. And then while sitting at the airport (with a delayed flight scheduled) and reading about Stephanie Plum enjoying her desserts and candy bars, well I had to go get the frozen yogurt for a snack. It claimed it would help my immune system. Just not sure if the Kit Kat had any benefits.

But the reason for this post is actually about personal trainers. After training on Saturday, I spoke with one of the teachers. They were really excited and thanked me for coming. They were interested in getting their school to pay for more training and asked me questions about cost and scheduling. Then she said something interesting. She said, "You know, unless you're trained on something you'll never really use it." Well yeah, I knew that. It was the next part that got me. "Think about it. If you start an excercise diet but don't have a trainer to encourage you, show you the good things, and get you pumped -you're probably going to lose interest right away and stop the diet. But if you have a trainer, you're encouraged to keep trying and you're not afraid to test your limits."

I hadn't thought about that. I had a trainer once. I'll admit, I was actually more embarrassed and afraid to test too many limits, but I did show up for each session and gave it my best. But that had more to do with the fact that he was a real cutie. But after our free sessions were up, and he moved on to the next new member - well I kind of stopped going to the gym. But if I had a personal trainer that was right there, pushing me, holding my hand, and not letting me fall into a rut - well Christine Brinkley would still have a job, but I'd at least be a bit healthier and able to fit into the fun clothes.

So to all the technology coaches and other trainers out there- good luck in helping all of your people reach their maximum potential this year. Make sure they are having fun and that you show them the benefits for their personal self as well as their professional self. Don't forget to also take care of your learning needs though too! I keep learning from Twitter, webinars, and from reading (not just Stephanie Plum books). As a matter of fact, netTrekker is hosting some free webinars to introduce their changes for the new year. Check them out and register at: .

Since Plum is tempting me to go find that homemade chocolate chip cookie my neighbor brought over for Joey, I think I'll switch over to a Dr. Cross book. He scares me so much I can't think of eating!

Happy 2008!

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m said...

I feel your pain. Did you say cookies? Sounds good to me. I am sure there must be something nutritional in a Kit Kat. :) I enjoyed reading your blog.