Monday, March 3, 2008


This post is for me to vent. It's not really meant for anyone to read, and since my readership is so low - I have nothing to worry about.

It's frustrating as an educator to have a child who does not want to learn or who has put up such blocks to where learning is just impossible. We're going through the hoops right now to get him a 504 plan because of increased seizure activity, but I'm also trying to get him re-tested. He was tested in 2006 and the test results said low IQ, no disability. So what that translates to is that he's the child who will get left behind. Well since 2006, he's been diagnosed with seizures (petite mal's in the form of absent seizures) that we think are starting to increase even more with the medicine or turning into grand mals. We just had a third sleep study and I hope that it tells us something. But academically it won't. Wouldn't the seizures have an effect on his learning? More than just needing extra time on a test as the 504 will give him, but more like impacting his ability to learn and recollect the lessons later and apply them to other areas in his life or other lessons? Am I wrong in requesting a second testing?

So one of the things we were offered was medical homebound. We turned it down quickly, but I'm beginning to think I should take it. It might be just what Joey needs until his medicine is settled, his seizures are under control, and maybe with one on one help from his homebound teacher he'll start to learn. I'm not crazy over the idea of him staying home all day while I'm trying to work, but I'm not crazy over him failing again. Because it's not him failing - it's me failing him and the system failing him. (He's got a GREAT teacher, so I don't blame her one bit. It's the rest of the system that ties teachers hands and only look at the children who can bring them in extra money for programs or are "bubble" children that can easily be lifted to the next level.)

He wants to learn. He really does. But I think he's given up on himself. So do I go through with the medical homebound and keep pushing the school for other assistance? I can't afford the Sylvan Learning tuition to go that route, but I can't afford for him to give up on himself so young or think I have. What are my choices? 

That's him at his last hospital stay. He's such a cutie, and really is my joy. (My PIA too, but that's part of being a kid!) He was ready to enjoy a 48 hour time of playing video games, watching TV, and ordering WHATEVER HE wanted to eat until 11. Only problem was his hunger streak starts at 10 and lasts until 2 AM, so it was hard to remember to order food that would stay okay to eat for those times. 

So how do I not fail him like the system already has?

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m said...

I am sorry to hear that Joey is having more seizures. I agree that our system is broken. That was the most frustrating thing for me as a classroom teacher. I knew students should qualify for services but for some reason they didn't. I would ask for as many tests as possible. And I am glad you are considering home schooling for a while. It may not be a long term solution but it could help. You researched a special diet too, didn't you? What did you find out about that? You and Joey are in my prayers. I promise to visit more often. My 86 year old Mom is with us right now and that is presenting some special challenges here. eek.