Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm at the Izea Fest with a bunch of people who have products or services like mobile ringtones, etc. This guy speaking is telling us how he was a failure first. Told us his whole life history of failures. Then he shows us his successes. He has websites that in 2005 earned over $30K a month based on ads.
So I feel totally out of place here. I honestly don't want to earn $30K a month. I know, how silly of me.
And since I don't follow these people normally, I don't know half, okay 98%, of what they are talking about.
But if I don't take away something then I realize that I missed out on time spent calling my customers and getting my email back to normal. So my takeaways:
  • Prioritize the potentially profitable projects
  • Do what others are unwilling to do
  • Make sure that there is still a need for service
  • Build your product for people, not for search engines or profits. If it's for people first then the profits will follow.
  • Grammatical errors on a blog are okay
I like that last one.

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