Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Apple is not Flat

I have to share this. I'm a new Mac user, since January of 2007. I was a life long PC user until then. My uncle has to buy my cousin a laptop for college. He asked me which laptop I thought was a great deal. I said Apple. He laughed and said they were too expensive and went on and on. Okay, sure, buy a PC for $350 or whatever the ad has it for today. However, when I had a problem with my Mac (a minor issue that was more my fault) and I went to an AMERICAN store and got help. They even fixed it in an hour! When I called with another question, the person told me they were in the US and I could understand everything they said. So aside from it just being a wonderful computer, I get great service!

I have no problem with other cultures. I loved my time in Germany. However, as an American, I do believe we need to support jobs here in America and help our own economy first. (I even do more shopping in person because I'd rather give the local dollars to my county/state first and help someone else have a job and not a computer. I love technology, but a computer doesn't need a job the way a human does.

Now I will say, my mom bought her computer from Best Buy and she can take it to their store to get help from an American. However, if she calls Compaq, hmmm- I don't know where the call will go. I know my friend spoke to someone from India for Dell. I know because I actually had to help him make some of the calls to get the work done!

Okay, enough said. I'll get off the "World is Flat" soap box. Just had to brag about my Mac.

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