Friday, September 7, 2007

Neccessary Technology

Today I was asked what I thought was neccessary in the means of technology in the classroom. What did I think the bare minimum should be in each classroom and what would be ideal. WOW! What a question! It's really a tough one to answer.

Of course we need at least 1 computer for the teacher and there I'd suggest a laptop, along with a projector. I would definitely suggest a SMART board, along with their response pads to really engage students. Inspiration, Internet (netTrekker), and of course unitedstreaming. If we're on a Mac, then iWorks. If we're not on a Mac (why not???), then Office or access to an "office" type program.

I would love for each student to have their own laptop (especially a Mac where they can really get creative!). If they had that, I need rollerskates. Or better yet, how about SynchronEyes. I had a simliar program that really assisted me when teaching in a lab, but I like to keep my programs running smoothly. If I'm going to get the SMART Board and response system, then let's stick with their software.

Creativity is a plus, and that's where Tech4Learning comes in. ImageBlender is my favorite, but any of their tools are great. MediaBlender and Twist would also be a great addition.

Access to blogs, wikis, and a place for students to collaborate is a major importance, especially since I'm trying to get my students ready for the 21st Century. How many will work as a "virtual employee" and will they be ready to manage their time and know how to work with others long distance?

I know I'm missing some things, so go ahead and add on. What do you think is important for today's classrooms?


Aaron Smith said...

Parent support. They can be your greatest supporters or most dire enemies.

Beyond that, I would say connectivity at home. I know you're talking about classrooms here, but if they can access the learning tools at home as well (through things like drupal, moodle, blackboard, etc.) then the classroom is anywhere they can get online and not just within the usual four walls.

Danielle Abernethy said...

I absolutely agree with you on all accounts. If a student is out sick- or for some other reason - if they were connected at home then they could still do the work and keep up.

And parent support- that goes without saying. I wish more parents were proactive in their child's education.