Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prayers and Wishes

My son's first grade teacher was awesome. He was a young teacher, eager and willing to help the students succeed. He worked with Joey after school, on his own had many interventions, and was in constant contact via the phone and email. Absolutely a delight. When we were told he was moving up a grade for this year, we were excited and hoping Joey would have him. Well, he moved up to 3rd grade instead. I told Joey he'd have to work hard and hopefully have him again in 3rd grade.
Last week we were told that Mr. Froman had to be taken from the school. He was throwing up and violently ill. We were not sure if it was a heart attack or heat stroke. Today I heard it was a possible anneuryism and that he's in a coma. It does not look good. The school can't give us any information and no one knows where he is or what the truth is.
So Mr. Froman, here's a prayer from Joey, myself and the rest of our family. You're a rare great teacher that really has it together and the kids need you. We pray that God will let you continue here on Earth teaching our children and that you will be healthy again soon. You are much loved and respected by your students. Bless you!

I know what it's like to lose a teacher that is much loved, and it's got to be hard on the students. I wish the school could at least give us some information. My neighbor's son is in his class and he's lost without him. So anyone who is reading this, please send your prayers for a talented teacher who is very much missed by his students- Ernie Froman - for a speedy recovery.


michlpn said...

It was so nice of you to post this.
I know what you mean my son Joseph too had the pleasure of haveing Mr Froman as his teacher this year we just moved here from NY and I was worried about how Joseph would adjust. Well for the first time ever my son told me he LOVED school!! And now the reason he loved school is now gone hopfully only for a short time. Mr froman is a special person and My prayers are with him. Michele

Tennessee said...

My prayers are with Mr. Froman and his family, immediate and extended. He must be a very special teacher for you to post about him.

kathyfroman said...

Thank you for your prayers concerning Ernie Froman. He is at St.Joseph Baptist Hospital Tampa in ICU from a stroke. We are hopeing he will be moved to the 5th floor in the next few days. Ernie was in an induced coma for
two weeks. We don't know how long his recovery will be. We have a lot of hope for Ernie and we as
a family are touched by all of the
prayers and notes.
Kathy & Don Froman (Stepmom & Dad)

paigeteaches said...

Thank you so much for the nice blog about my friend & co-worker, Ernie! I know his family really appreciates all of the kind words. I already know he has made a huge difference in the lives of the children he has taught. He is very sadly missed all around the school, but he is improving every day. I saw & talked to him this afternoon. It is so nice to be able to communicate with him after all of the lost time. Thanks again for the blog.

Froman said...

Here is the update on Mr. Froman. He has been at home for at least a couple weeks. If anyone wants to e-mail him you can use my account:
I can then forward the messages to him. Have a good night everyone!