Friday, May 30, 2008

Careful Conversations

I talked to a stranger today. Obviously my mom never said not to, or I didn't listen to well. It was someone I met on Skype. Normally I ignore all the requests I get unless I know them. However, I talked to this guy a week or so ago, and again today.

Now I remember why I don't like the Internet Chat rooms. While you have anonymity and can be whoever you want, I never lied. I'm not the kid from the song by Brad Paisley with an online personality that is very different than my own. So the first alarm should have been that he asked me for a picture. He's a great looking guy from his picture, I'm a plain Jane. My picture is not going to impress him. Great. Then I decided to send the picture anyway, this is just a friendship, no big deal. I think I hit strike one, and lost his attention. The conversation shifted.

It shifted to politics. Strike two. I'm not good at keeping up with the views of the world and I hate discussing politics and today's economy. I agree that McDonalds is making a huge profit, but how can we compare something we need (gas to get to McDonalds or our job) to something we think we want (that Big Mac at McDonalds). And McDonalds raises their prices because the cost to ship their food all over is higher with the higher gas prices. He made a comment about one of the candidates, I responded and boom, the conversation went south. Not because we disagreed, but something changed.

I decided to end the conversation before I hit strike three. I need to stick with only talking to people I know or meet in real life instead.

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m said...

I beg to differ! You are certainly not a plain Jane!!!And if you can't express yourself honestly he's a jerk anyway. Politics are dangerous for me too - no one is as liberal as me evidently. Even my hubby. Go figure. Take care of yourself. You have lots of fans.