Friday, May 2, 2008

Public Servant?

Oh my goodness! As everyone knows, education budgets are being cut nationwide, and Florida is being hit extremely hard with a bill that was passed in January due to misleading information.
So what's my oh my goodness remark about? Our politicians have FREE insurance. That's right - FREE! They do not pay a premium for their insurance. One politician was seen on Bay News 9 saying that he's a public servant and that he gave up a lot to go into service for his state.
Hello? You're doing a service? What about the police officers and the firefighters who do a service? I bet they pay a premium for their insurance - and they RISK their lives in the line of duty. What about the teachers who are qualified for other fields in corporate America, could earn a lot more money, but instead live pay check to pay check because they are dedicated? And we hold them to a very high standard - higher than our politicians who get the perks for being a servant to our society.
But here we have politicians who have their ENTIRE family on the FREE plan. It costs 1.5 million dollars for taxpayers to cover these politicians and their families. Only six of the 160 opt out and use the insurance their full time employer has to offer.
Wait, it gets better!
Our high level state workers also get this beautiful fringe benefit. The total bill for their FREE, no premium insurance is $278,000,000. Yes, that is Two hundred seventy-eight MILLION dollars.
They could pay a premium and save us at least $46,000,000.
My dad is retired Air Force and when he retired he chose to keep his TriCare. Now my mom worked for a school district and they offered this great additional service for TriCare covered employees that was FREE. The state finally said, "whoa, that's not legal. They have to pay for something." So they are. It was worth it in the long run because their premium still cost less than what they saved.
So why isn't it illegal here I wonder? We can cut educational programs, health insurance coverage of others, but we cannot get our politicians to pay a premium for their own insurance?
One billion was cut from the education and health care budgets in Florida. $46 million could be given back.
If teachers, police officers, and

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