Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was able to attend the GAETC conference last week and attended some GREAT sessions, including a few from favorites like Steve Dembo, Tony Vincent, and David Warlick. (One teacher asked me if I enjoyed David Warlock's session I was in. Didn't know David Warlick added that title to his name!)

You can listen in by visiting the podcasts here. Although, sadly, Steve Dembo chose not to podcast his sessions.

Anyway, when I got home I found a letter that was more than 15, maybe 18 years old. I honestly thought I threw all high school letters away when I moved, and I'm not sure how this particular one found it's way to my pillow of all places. I asked, and no one could honestly say where it came from. Strange.

I thought maybe I was suppose to find the author and reconnect. But the name is so common (Robert Murray) that I'm hitting a dead end. Plus, he moved away from the school before graduation. Tips on where to start?


Tony Vincent said...

Sounds like you started your search in the right place. Perhaps he'll Google his name and find this blog entry and connect with you! Though, if his name is that common, he might not see the search result. You could put more keywords into a comment or the text of your post that he might Google with his name. Worth a try....

It was great meeting you in Atlanta!

David Warlick said...

Try Facebook. Everyone seems to be making old connections through Facebook, though when I looked only one person in my graduating class seems to have a profile there -- and I already know where I am.

I agree with Tony, though. Some of the connections I've made have been through people I've talked about in my blog.

Great luck to you!

-- dave --

Inspector Clouseau said...

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