Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do Your Homework

It's been awhile since I have blogged. Like many, I've been extremely busy. Right now I am busy on social networking sites for pleasure and business, preparing for several trainings with big customers, involved in getting our neighborhood watch program started, and other areas of our neighborhood.

I live in an HOA, deed restricted community. We are governed by a board of elected officials and managed by a company. In my case, Spring Ridge is being managed by Premiere Community Consultants. At least until the end of the month. The board elected to dismiss Premiere at the end of the month.

Here's my concern, the board has yet to be trained officially. They've had since November to be trained, but have ignored the requests. Many acted with prejudice. But the biggest complaint of them all is that they did not get the quotes for other management companies in place and had someone lined up to hire before releasing Premiere. They have left us with a possible gap of management coverage, and a risk of having fees increased if a new company is lower than Premiere's.

So why am I venting this on an educational blog? Well, for those of you who are teaching a career choice or business course, would your students find this action acceptable? More than likely not. It would be interesting to hear what the students have to say on this matter. I know my FBLA students that I meet up with at the end of this month would agree that first there needs to be a mediation, then get everything lined up to make sure that the HOA is covered.

Economically speaking, would it make sense to risk raising rates in a community where homes are already in foreclosure and hard to sell?

Little things to think about.

My answer, even after school is over, you will need to do your homework!

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m said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's a bad time for education in FL. I've offered to go back in the classroom but currently am still in the same position. Our new superintendent is a good guy and he has assembled a great team of folks who are doing all they can to cope and move us forward. I built this page that describes some of their efforts. http://www.putnamschools.org/board/financial_facts.html I am praying for a miracle in Tallahassee next week. Hope everything works out for you with the new owners.