Monday, March 19, 2007

The Entire URL

I was reminded of a site today called The Gateway. Now I knew the site was not because that takes you to the computer site. Therefore, I typed in I knew it ended in a .org - so this had to be right.
Nope. This took me to a pregnancy site.
So I added the www because every once in awhile I find a site that needs to the www. Nope, still the pregnancy site.
This time I added the in front of gateway, and sure enough I found the site. So check out The Gateway to 21st Century Skills being taught in the classroom. If you don't use the link, make sure you spell it correctly. It's I am about to go there to check out the IEP tools and some other great tools. Check them out, from our friends at NEA.

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Karen said...

Thanks for that cool teacher site. Isn't it amazing how many groups are helping teachers now? I love it! Our hardest part is who we want to spend the most time with.