Sunday, August 26, 2007

Celebrate New Beginnings!

On December 6, 2006 the world stopped spinning for myself and some of my friends - the former Discovery Educator Network Managers. Some of them I hear from now and then, especially as they sign new contracts and move on with their lives. Which reminds me, I need to log in to Yahoo and see what's new with Linda and Gerard.
Anyway, tonight I received an email from Susan Staat - the former West Coast DEN manager. She signed for a new job, in a new district last Tuesday night and started Wednesday morning. She is a new Assistant Principal at a middle school. I had to call her right away and congratulate her! She's always been an elementary person so the grade level was a shock, but you know what? I think middle school is right up Susan's alley.
She's a great educator, a wonderful leader, and she'll make a great administrator. My only advice Susan is to keep your sense of humor, because in middle school, you need it.
To the rest of the DEN managers - I hope you all found a job that makes your heart happy and pays the bills. Best of wishes as the new school year begins.


Tennessee said...

I wish all of the "old" DEN Managers well and hope that they have found new paths. Gerard, if you're out there it would be great to hear from you! ~Teryl

Tom Turner said...

WTG Susan!!!

So happy to hear about this great news!