Thursday, August 2, 2007

eBook Reader

I have a passion for reading, but my son is a very reluctant reader. I've bought him books on every subject I can think of to encourage him to read. I even agree to read shark books with him, but nothing has made him interested in even trying to learn to read.
Today there was an article in the eSchool News about eBooks becoming more popular in schools. Can you imagine having all of your textbooks on the reader? That sure will lighten the backpack! I didn't read the entire article - yet. But it got me thinking. I want an eBook reader that will either highlight and read the words back to the student or let them click on a word and get the word sounded out, the definition, and any other needed information. Sort of like what netTrekker does for the web for students. I don't necessarily want it to read the entire book to them, but just enable them if needed.
I need to learn more about the Sony Reader, although I doubt I'll be able to afford it anytime soon. Anyone know of a kid friendly reader?

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