Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Map the Mind

I have a bad habit of reading books by authors like Nora Roberts, Vince Flynn, and Vickie Lewis Thompson and forget to read books that are popular in professional circles. Today I made myself proud and bought the book Blink. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Before purchasing the book, I read the introduction and it reminded me of software. I once purchased software that I was hesitant about when I saw it in the booth, but decided to go for it when I saw the presentation by the sales people. I should have stuck with my original thought and saved the money.
When I first looked at Inspiration, I was hooked. I understood it, it went with what we were teaching in professional development for curriculum and for technology, plus it was EASY! Plus, it inspires me to this date.
Now we have all these online tools that boast to be mind mapping programs. Some are not so bad. I do like the fact that two or more people can actually work on the diagram at once, allowing collaboration. In all honesty, that's about it though. I still prefer the entire workings of Inspiration. However, if you want to check them out for yourself, here are the links. They do make collaboration easier, but they are not as inspiring in non-linear thoughts or connecting the points.
Let me know what you think!
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