Thursday, May 3, 2007

Your Voice

I wish we could get 100 responses on this next question - but I be happy with just a few.

If you had a chance to meet with your state governor, in Florida's case - Charlie Crist, what would you tell him is your biggest concern for the state of education? What suggestions would you give or food for thought you would you feed him?

I'm asking because one of our readers actually has this chance and I thought, hmmm, this would be a great place to leave a comment and let them know!


Tom Turner said...

I would ask him to PLEASE repeal the importance of FCAT and other High Stakes Testing/Assessment and go to a more authentic/project based learning model to gauge student success. I would also ask him to increase the budgets for school districts to implement ISTE technology standards that would increase student awareness of educational uses of technology and teacher proficiency in using technology properly in the classroom setting.

Danielle Abernethy said...

I like the authentic assessment and I love the ISTE technology standards, which are more aligned to the 21st Century Skills and will actually help students learn the standards we do have set before them.

There is a test out called Work Keys that some businesses are administering before hiring people. It tells you your skill level and if you have the knowledge to perform the job. At first I wasn't really for it (my district in SC actually gave it to the high school students to prepare them for their life after high school). Then I looked at the test and it actually had them applying the standards in real situations. It was the most authentic test I had seen without being hands on. I think, if I remember correctly, some schools are actually using it as their exit exam.

I didn't mean to go off on my comment.

I suggested to her to get the governor to support a teachers community for Florida, where teachers can share their best practices and have events that encourages learning and progressing. :D

m said...

Hi Danielle and just let me say - well said Tom! I am so tired of good kids feeling defeated for no good reason. Quit harming our children and give us enough funding to be able to afford people, facilities and tools to really make a difference. Enough already with the one all important test.

Marsha Cruce