Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Which tool?

I am curious more than anything over which tool in the whole scheme of web 2.0 could you not live without? What is the ONE tool that really has impacted your life, whether it's professional or personal?
Some of these tools have been around for a long time. Before del.icio.us, I used Backflip or iKeepBookmarks. In 2000, an article was even published that one day we would all Backflip. I shared my bookmarks with my students and teachers easily. The difference is, I didn't tag the resources but rather filed them away in a folder.
Before groups created through portals like Ning, I collaborated via Yahoo Groups. We planned our entire 10 year reunion on a group, I collaborated with other middle school educators, shared lessons with another technology group, and even had a group for my students. Oh, and my cohort for my masters program also stayed in touch this way.
But what one tool do you really think has made a big difference in how we use the web today?

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Tom Turner said...


I'm still partial to Diigo...it does everything for me that I could really ever need. Bookmarks, annotates, blogs, forwards link to others to read that page. I'm still finding uses for it.