Wednesday, May 2, 2007

FREE Videos: The Next Vista

I love videos, especially when they are free! Add a dash of Century 21, okay a huge helping, and you've got a winner! You can even upload and share your videos as well that meet the criteria of the site. The videos at Next Vista for Learning are broken into three categories: Light Bulbs, Global Views, and Seeing Service. Light Bulb videos are the ones to help engage students and help them say, "I get it." There are quite a few math videos and a nice short video on cyber bullying. The Global Views Collection is wonderful for introducing global education and community. This category is a little light right now and could use some help in populating it. The last category is Seeing Service, again a little light, but it "highlight(s) good deeds large and small." Did you do a community service project? Did you create a movie or even a PhotoStory about the project and how your work helped the community? Upload it and share it with others. You can download videos found here or even embed them into blogs. Share your thoughts on what you found here!

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Rushton said...

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the kudos! Your readers are very welcome to explore our site and share anything they've created. We hope what we've done will be useful to your students and colleagues!