Friday, April 27, 2007

I want to be a Dead Body

Okay, not literally.
But man! Last night I recorded CSI since I had to go to Tampa. So I'm fast forwarding through the commercials and stop because something caught my eye. They are giving the viewers a chance to be a dead body on CSI! This is absolutely cooler than winning $10,000 for watching CSI: NY and Deal or No Deal. I would pay the text messaging fee for this! For a chance to meet the boys of CSI, an okay - the girls too, well I'd do it! Ask Kelly, a lady I use to babysit for. She needed me the night they launched Bon Jovi's house contest and said that she'd pay me plus all the phone calls I could make in the two hours she would be gone if I babysat on this one crucial night. So I paid her kids and ran up a phone bill of over $100. I didn't win the house, but Kelly sure did learn her lesson.
But back to CSI - to be a dead body on CSI would be totally cool. I once played a dead body for the Firefighters of the Columbia Airport. That was gross. I couldn't eat chicken wings or donuts for a long time. But it was exciting to see how they trained for rescues and learn some of the techniques.
Do you enjoy forensic science? Can you teach it in your classroom? Forensic Science actually fits in the Century 21 Skills. It's not really civics or global literacy, but it is dealing with health and well being and the technology skills. Did you see the technology used on the show? WOW!
To help you get started with forensic science in your classroom, here are a few fun links:
Oh- and go ahead and enter the Dead Body Contest too! You can enter more than once each week. (You'll just get disqualified for more than 1 entry or for trying to use different phone lines. Which increases my chances of winning!)

I'll bet this would be a fun way to end the school year!


m said...

too funny- but I want to know about doughnuts and chicken wings.

Danielle Abernethy said...

They used chicken wings - well actually all chicken bones - and fake blood to make bones sticking out of bodies and asked me to help create the look. I had a very sensitive stomach then and couldn't handle it. It looked real. Then they fed us donuts. The smell of those sticky sweet donuts (Krispy Kreme), coffee, coke, the goo of fake blood, chicken, latex - YUCK! I was done!