Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fly Away with Video Screen Capture

I am a fan of Karen Seddon's e-Cubed: Encourage, Equip and Empower Blog. If you haven't already, sign up for her "Tuesday's with Karen". This week she shared with us the resources from University of South Florida.
I spent last night and this morning checking out the resources found there and was simply amazed even more. I wanted to be able to create those quicktime videos. I always have. You name the product and I want to record it for training purposes. This morning I commented on Karen's blog and asked her if she knew the program they used. Never one with patience, I checked out the software available for a MAC, and this is what I found:
  • AlphaOmega Software: This is shareware and I actually found it on Apple's site
  • vnc2swf - Screen Recorder: This has no warranty and is for General Public Use. It records your screen movements in Shockwave. Unless I get strong comments encouraging me on this one though, I doubt I'll try it out.
  • Snap Z Pro X: This one is not shareware or general use. It costs $69 and looks pretty impressive. Make sure that you order the right one for your platform.
  • Video Codecs: Free to use and you can also freely distribute the videos you create using their software.
  • iShowU: This program is relatively inexpensive ($20) and is for Mac.
One thing to note, I have not personally tried any of them, but I have already downloaded AlphaOmega to try and I am really interested in iShowU as well. Besides cost and being specifically built for Mac, they also do "audio" recordings so you can narrate what you are recording. I think some of the others did too, but not sure.

If you have tried any of these or another program I failed to mention, leave a comment and tell me what your thoughts are.

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Karen said...

I have asked how he made those videos but haven't heard back yet. I'm sure it is a Mac program since most everything they use from USF is! I'll keep bugging.