Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Show of the 21 Century

When I was in middle school, my English teacher had a standing homework assignment for every Thursday. We were to watch the Cosby Show, a show that she felt dealt with the social issues of students of that time, and write a summary about it.
So what show would you suggest to the students of today to watch? Which show deals with the issues of today for students?
Since I don't watch much TV, I can't comment. There's a lot of violence and foul language (even so on Everybody Loves Raymond, a show my son should have been able to watch without such incidents). However, there is one show that I have recently become addicted to and even check out their website. Today I brought it up in a discussion on 21 Century because I felt like this show is doing more with 21 Century than anything I've seen lately.
I'm talking about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. First, I subscribe to their podcast via iTunes. Second, I participate on their wiki in trying to figure out who is the "Mini" Killer. Third, I have yet to create a video, but I do watch the video mashups. Fourth, they have a blog! They have a sense of community.
Do I recommend the site or the show to students? No, but I just wanted to point out that in entertainment there is a show that uses a lot of science and has encouraged students to study forensic science (not me- I still cover my eyes in the autopsies and the really bloody scenes), also uses technology to it's full advantage.

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