Wednesday, April 11, 2007

About Time

I was going to create a post about the recent study shared in the eSchool News about the value of software in schools. As a former teacher, Instructional Technology Coach, DEN Field Manager and even a trainer for various products, I have an opinion to go a long with what is said here. I would like to know what software they used for the study. Then I want to agree with the statement that without peer coaching or support, software does not get used properly to show effectiveness. I also liked David Warlick's post on the same topic.

But another article caught my eye this morning and it's one that really has me excited. We have these wonderful (insert laugh if you want) national standards. We have these pretty state standards (insert another chuckle). A lot of times these two do not match and it's a pain for the military BRAT or the child who's parent has decided to move for one reason or another. We live in a very transient time. So why don't all the standards match?
Well NINE states have finally decided to develop a math test that will share standards! My hat goes off to you - Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Thank you for finally getting it right! These nine states will be sharing a an Algebra II test.
Even if it's not in my favorite subject, at least it's a start.
My favorite thing is how they said it's a grass roots effort and would not be happening if the Federal Government had initiated it. There ya go politicians. Give us the money for education, but let us decide how to best educate our children. You do your job, we'll do ours. And we can get the job done without your interference.

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