Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bubbles Inspire

My favorite software out there is Inspiration. Anyone who knows me knows this. I THINK in Inspiration, and often times get laughed at for doing so. I plan anything and everything I can in it, including what to pack and now the color schemes for each room of my house. (I decided to do this so I could make sure that the rooms blend into each other in areas like the living room and dining room without contrasting so bad and to make sure that I don't create another WILD bathroom that you have to wear sunglasses to enter.)

There are other tools out there that are similar to Inspiration. I have tried them, but I found most of them to be lacking or just so un-inspiring. It was not as easy to use as Inspiration and I found it lacking in many ways.

Today while reading various blogs I came across a new tool (Kathy Shrock's blog). The tool is called and it's basically for those who need to brainstorm or develop a mindmap. It's not bad and I probably have a lot to learn, but I don't think it's a replacement for Inspiration - although I do like the online capability. That's the plus - that people can log in and add their own thoughts to the shared concept map. As a matter of fact, if any of you want to toy with a map, join for free and then add me as a friend. My username is dabernethy.

I think this quote from their blog sums it up:

Frankly I loved It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s helpful. It’s not meant to be a complex, and it’s not looking to win the most thorough mind-mapping application of the year. It’s meant for prompt, on-the-spot organization, and in this respect it passes with flying colors.
-Matt Wilson

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