Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Communities- Perfect to a Tea

I love communities. I just joined Classroom 2.0 on Ning. Long story I can't even begin to explain, my username there is TeacherVillage. I'm excited about the community - there are some great people on there!
But what about favorite past times or hobbies? Do you belong to a community for your personal side? I belong to the CSI community by simply actively participating on the wiki and the discussion boards. I use to belong to the Wiggles Community, but well, umm - Joey's growing up a bit and I felt funny still going there.
Today I joined a new community. I've become a tea lover and have even bought the Perfect Tea Cups, the German Rock Sugar, the special tins, bamboo spoon and perfect tea spoon and try various teas each time I go to Teavanna. I now even stick my nose up at non-special teas. Brewing a great cup of tea right now in fact - a MateVana with Roobis Chai. The MateVana has even been said to be a great appetite deppressant. I do drink my teas cold still by the way.
Anyway, so I'm looking for different teas to try, suggestions on the web, and any blogs about tea news. Yes, I'm really that interested. What did I find? TeaChef! It's so cool. Suggestions on the thread, a tea newsletter, tea art, tea musings, and so much more! I found a great recipe for Golden Monkey Bread using Monkey tea! YEAH!!! I'm hoping I will be accepted to receive a free sample. I can there share with you more about my favorite teas and technology!
Do you have time to indulge in your personal passions and not just professionals? Go enjoy a cup of tea as you take a moment to pause and reflect. What type of community would you like to join for personal interests? Check out either Ning or do a search and see what you can find.

Tea timer went off. Time to enjoy!

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