Friday, April 13, 2007

An Inspiring Community!

Another great Teacher Community has been established! Inspiration has just launched their Inspired Learning Community for Inspiration lovers everywhere to share their favorite visual learning projects! Share your Inspiration, Kidspiration, and InspireData lessons with other users and learn some tricks along the way.

Check it out! And submit your three samples soon so you can get your 25th Anniversary Mug. I have their 20th Anniversary one, need the 25th for my collection!

Can't wait to see what comes out of this "Inspiring" Community!


Michele said...

Great! Thanks for the info. I love Inspiration!

BTW, Thanks for sending Susan my name and address. My students did the survey and had a ball. The Global Warming topic really sparked some great critical thinking questions and really made them think!

Michele said...

BTW, if you do any Inspiration trainings and I can tag along to learn more, please let me know. I will drive to attend. I know the basics. But, really haven't had a chance to use the programs they sent with my Rookie Award.

Read Tom's blog with my post for today. There's an event I wrote about on his blog, I'd like you to bring Joey to, if you are interested?