Monday, April 16, 2007

Dancing with Passion in the Classroom

I can't dance, and I don't know why I'm hooked on this show. However, the show is a refreshing reminder of how we should be conducting ourselves in the classroom. Those who REALLY WANT to win, but don't have the natural talent, really put forth the effort. They really try. They make their rehearsals fun and they work extra hard. Now take Billy Ray tonight. He's not comfortable with the public show of affection required for the rumba. (I agree with Billy Ray that passion like that should be left for behind closed doors, no viewers watching and the lights out.) But since Billy Ray's not comfortable, and was a bit overstressed this week, he was not as good as he could have been. I voted for him, but he was just a bit lackluster tonight. (Tired from hosting a show, getting back in sync with his tv series and learning to let loose in the rumba? Not to mention raising his kids and everything else that's going on in his life.)
What does Dancing with the Stars have to do with education? Have you ever noticed that when your students are having fun with the learning passion, when it's something that has meaning to them and that they want, they put in more practice and energy into their homework and they become more than competent? Have you ever noticed that when a student is not comfortable with what they are learning, they are not as open and they don't perform as well as they can. Help your students find a way to connect with what they are learning, find a way to make it fun and for them to enjoy it, and you'll start seeing results. Proof needed? Look at John and Apollo. My goodness, they had fun, and Apollo was on fire tonight!
How? Easy, add some technology - whether it's in digital movies, podcasting, blogging, Inspiration and visual learning, or anything else that you can come up with that will help you reach them. Find a way to help them make the connections to their world.
So shake off your dancing shoes, find your passion and help your students have fun with learning. Integrating Technology's probably had a lot easier than the rumba.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more, and your comparison with Dancing with the Stars was wonderful. I hope all is well with you.