Monday, April 2, 2007

Teacher Communities

Those who know me know that my passion is with educational communities. Teachers who are connected to other teachers and do not shut the door to isolate themselves learn so much more and become better educators. In South Carolina I participated in a graduate program and we became a mini-community - which was really neat since we all were from around 6 different districts and 7 different cities in South Carolina. We shared a lot of experiences and professional knowledge and I will admit that I was sad when the program ended. Some of us have stayed in touch via a Yahoo Group, but it's not the same.
Then I worked for another popular teacher community and I was in love. Working with teachers to connect them, trainings on current trends in the classroom to prepare their students for the 21st Century, and so much more was right up my ally. I made a lot of great friends. I don't regret moving from South Carolina to Florida for the one year position, only am sad that my role is no longer part of the behind the scenes side of the community. I won't lie. I miss it.
Today, in several emails I was shared this new community and I became excited. You don't have to own a particular product in order to join, and no -I don't work for them. This is just free advertising to the few that read my blog. Yahoo! is launching a new community for teachers called Yahoo!Teachers. I use to use their groups as a teacher and a coach, so I know this is going to be exciting.
If you're looking for a new community to join - check them out. And look at the workshop themes they plan to offer! 21 Century, here we come!

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Derek Baird said...

Hi Danielle!

Welcome to Yahoo! Teachers.

My name is Derek Baird and I'm the community manager for Yahoo! Teachers. Thanks for your post about our new community for educators.

Our entire team is looking forward to having educators like you bring their expertise and passion for teaching into this new community.

We'll also be at NECC in Atlanta, so if you're going to be there, drop by and say hi!

The dates for the workshops will be posted soon, so stay tuned!