Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Late as Usual

I found out a little late about the Cyber Compliment Day and then completely put it off. What a fantastic idea! I already marked my calendar for next year, so I will be on time!
My compliments go out to David Warlick, who in a session at GAETC had me interested in blogs and podcasting where other presentations left me yawning and un-inspired. Next to Steve Dembo who was basically a mentor for my first blog over at Discovery Educator Network with North Florida. I really was scared about blogging with Discovery. I loved to read them, wanted my students to do it, but I didn't think I was ready. When I read Daniel and Jeff's blog - well, who could compete with the masterminds of SegaTech!?!
After I left Discovery (or should I say Discovery left me?), I was lost. I still feel that way sometimes in all honesty. But thanks to my few faithful readers, such as Tom, Cheryl, Michele and Karen - well- they at least let me babble away here. So I need to send a special HUGE CYBER Compliment to Tom being such a wonderful edublogger and to Karen for always sharing the creative side to the wonderful things your computer can do for you. Cheryl and Michele, thanks for reading too.
Tom- I tried to leave a comment, but that comment issue came back up!


Michele said...

Better late than never!

Tom's BLOG has issues. You have to delete all your cookies to post, after your initial post. I would post more often. But, it's a pain!

Hoping I will see you @ NECC, if not before!!!

Michele said...

Well as soon as I say that about Tom's blog, he has changed it. I guess the newer version is more user friendly. It allowed me to post twice today without deleting any cookies!

Karen said...

Aw, thanks for the Cyber Compliment. You are too sweet. Keep up the great blog blabbering. You are sorely missed by many. How can we help get your buddies back on your site?


Tom said...

You know how much our friendship means to me Danielle. I've been blessed by the fact that we've become such great friends. That and the fact that you DID NOT invite me to the dinner last year during FETC. But the fact I wasn't invited is ok...I'm over it now ;p

And...try posting again. Michele said it was ok...I changed themes today out of necessity I thought...and what I changed to I really like alot so I will be keeping with it. So PLEASE...post on there so I know it works ;)