Sunday, April 22, 2007

GPS Gone Awry

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of meeting up with Karen Seddon, Marsha Cruce and Virginia Richard. They are participating in the Florida Master Digital Educator Program (I think that's right -or is it Florida Digital Master Educator?). Anywho, Karen invited me to Florida Southern University which turns out to be University of South Florida so I could join her and the others for dinner at the Columbia in YBor. Well, due to mis-information fed into "G" (my Garmin) I ended up enjoying a nice tour. Not so bad since it was still daylight and I had some time. Then we had a tour and many 3 point turns trying to find Columbia. "G" had given us several choices, but none of them seemed to be the RIGHT one. Dinner was great, the company even better (wish I had nore time with Marsha and Virginia) and then I got on the road home. My mom was with me, and she didn't want to take Nebraska/41 all the way home. The road didn't look to savvy in certain parts. So after a phone call into other GPS (DAD), I ended up just asking for "G" to get me to Citrus Park Mall and from there I luckily knew my way.
Today (Sunday) was different. I had to get up early, go with my family to Clearwater Beach to meet my 75 year old cousin and her husband (who has a great life story to tell). We then split up, I took Cousin Alice, my mom and Joey in my car and my dad took Cousin Joe in their car. Our destination? Sanford AutoTrain so they could go home. Yes, they are some of Florida's finest Snowbirds.
Once we dropped them off, we decided to go to the mall. That was easy to find. So were the great sales. However, leaving that mall and trying to get back on to I4 is not very easy. So we decided to let "G" get us home. HA! We ended up going the back road. Mom got ancy so we hooked up dad's Palm with GPS and had it find an alternate route. That one was also going to take us backroads, but take us 30 minutes at least longer. We'll stick with "G".
I now wish we had stuck with the original plan. Get onto I4, get on the turnpike, and then onto 50. I don't think I'd be carsick right now.
Moral of the story - get the phsyical address and look at a map before you actually go. GPS units are great tools - but only if they are up to date and if you put information in it right.


Tom Turner said...

What happened to the GPS v.tturner step since he used to live on the Sanford side of town? I would have easily have gotten you back to your neck o' the woods.

Danielle Abernethy said...

When I was on the Sanford side of town - my dad was actually driving. And he decided to take a tour of Florida and listen to "G".

Michele said...

Don't feel bad, Danielle. I have done the same thing, without a GPS device many times. Even the physical address, can be confusing, at times. However, with the maps available on the Internet, they have saved me from getting lost many times. Let's just say...I can be directionally challenged!