Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Every trade has it's tools. In the days when many of us were students, our teachers used chalk boards, overheads, film strip projectors, and bulletien boards as their tools of the trade. Today, teachers have traded in their chalk for Expo Boards, overheads and film strips projectors are being replaced steadily by LCD projectors, and bulletien boards are now found online in the forms of blogs and wikis. All of these tools are designed to either make our life as an educator easier or our classroom more enticing to the students.

One of my favorite tools for educators is actually MyT4L. MyT4L stands for My Tools For Learning, and it's brought to you by Tech4Learning. Tech4Learning has a bunch of wonderful software in their bags, including ImageBlender, Simply VR, and Pixie. Definitely worth looking into.
MyT4L is their free service for teachers everywhere. It includes a rubric maker, graphic organizers, a citation maker and more.

The Rubric Maker is one of my favorites on the web today for many reasons. 1) You can edit the categories 2) It creates a checklist for the students 3) You can save it in many formats. I like being able to create my own account to save my work, choose from other rubrics, and the various choices available.

I personally used their Citation Maker for my graduate program and found the ease of selecting the type of media, entering the information, and choosing the format a bonus. It's designed for young children to adults to use without worry.

Other things that you'll find there are snacks and recipes for your favorite pieces of software and professional development information (Project Learn). Now, the recipes do have an associated cost, but definitely worth further investigation.

Check it out and tell me what you found interesting on the site.

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