Friday, December 29, 2006

Digital Story Telling

I love a good story. Some day I may actually sit down and write my own, but not today. Other things to do than to share the characters and their stories that run through my imagination.

Anyway, my love for a good story is well known. I enjoy them in paperback form and in movie form. I haven't read a good book in awhile, not since I finished a Judith McNaught book on December 6th at breakfast. I was to start a new book, Sign of the Cross by new author Chris Kuzneski, but couldn't get past the tears. Those of you who know me well, know the importance of December 6th in my personal (or should I say professional) timeline. I finally talked myself into seeing two movies, one which is the point of this post. The other, Night at the Museum, was absolutely fun and I'm willing to see it a second time.

The movie that inspired this post is actually The Holiday. Yes, it's a romantic comedy and I'm not here to report I finally have romance in my life. Now I'm too busy looking for employment that I can continue to share my passion with technology in education with others. And no I'm not looking for someone to trade houses with me in another country so I can enjoy a well deserved holiday. Instead, it's about something that kept happening to Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda. Amanda was this great Hollywood Movie Trailer maker, and after her little breakdown, a movie trailer about her life kept running through her head. After each event the trailer changed to reflect her decisions. It made me think - what would a movie trailer of my life look like? Also -can Kate Winslet play me in my movie?

This is a great lesson for your students as they return from the Christmas Holiday. As they start the new year, ask them what they think is their greatest moment in life so far, or worse, that helps define who they are. They can use the site from the Holiday (there's a little movie tralier maker built in) or they can use this other site that does almost the same thing, Tech Story. Or better yet, have them use their own pictures and build it with your favorite software, such as ImageBlender or PhotoStory.

I've rambled enough here. Since I'm back in the swing of things, I've finished one book and am reading another. Therefore, I have a book to read (Sign of the Cross is really good - pick up a copy today and support a Florida author) and a house to get ready for a pre-New Year's Party.

And maybe it'll be a celebration about the job offer I just received today. :-)


Mithrass said...

HA! I TOLD YOU!!! That's all I will say!!!!

I know the type of books you are into, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to pick up those books :p .

Look forward to seeing you and your family again tomorrow night. But in the meantime, all you AOTE (Abernethy's Online Tech Educators) you can check out my own ramblings at my blog:

Michele said...

As usual, I enjoy reading your Blogs, whether they are DEN or your own. I haven't even looked at the DEN website in over a month. It's just not the same.

Congrats on your job offer! I want to hear all the juicy details! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Love Ya! Michele

Debbie Bohanan said...

Congrats on the job offer. Any company would be lucky to have you!

Thanks for a wonderful evening but tell your dad that taking I75 to the turnpike does not take only 10 minutes longer.

Happy New Year.

Mithrass said...

You took I75 to the Turnpike? What way did you go? North on 75 to Wildwood? How far north is that interchange? Didn't even think about that. I took 75 to 4 and it was just about the same, even with stopping at the post office to drop something off and getting gas before getting on 75.

Missed having you there Michele. Just wasn't the same with out 'everyone' there.

Teryl said...

Danielle, great to find you again and congrats on the job offer. I hope it all works out for the very best. I have missed reading your blogs and am glad that I am able to read them again. Thanks Tom for pointing me in her direction.