Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Resolution

How many of you make resolutions each year, and like the Home Depot commercial - lose it somewhere totally unexpected? I can honestly say moving does not neccessarily help you get organized. It takes a long time to unpack and reorganize.

Well, I like many of you, make my New Year's Resolutions each year, and each year they get trashed, lost or whatever. So this year, I made a decision to do my resolutions on the computer. Can you guess what program I am going to use? You got it! Inspiration!

There are many reasons to use Inspiration. Let's see if I can count the ways:
  1. Brainstorm my resolutions and make sure I only have the ones I will really be able to accomplish or that they don't overlap.
  2. I can add sub-topics on the benefits of sticking with that resolution.
  3. I can add hyperlinks to the websites that will be best to help me stick to the resolution.
  4. I can add notes as well on how to actually get the results.
  5. I can add check boxes for each resolution and check them off as I feel that I have accomplished them.
  6. I can change the resolutions into outline form and print them out to easily carry in my pocket or hang on my fridge. Perfect for first resolution of no midnight snacking while watching CSI. I am NOT resolving to give up CSI. I need a little more Nick and Greg in my life.
  7. If you have the program (Pocket PC or Palm Inspiration) and the hardware (a Pocket PC or Palm), you can actually carry your resolutions with you.
  8. You can add images, or even video, to help influence your resolutions. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. The image of that little red dress and spiky heels might do more for you sticking with that first resolution than the words themselves.
  9. Sound? Yes, you can add the sounds to your Inspiration document. Sounds of salsa dancing to encourage you to learn to dance, or some other great resolution.
  10. It's Inspiration. By using the program itself, you'll be inspired to make resolutions you can actually stick with!

I could go on, but the top 10 is enough. Besides, I have my New Year's Resolutions to brainstorm. One of them is a book. Inspiration is another pefect program to outline either one of the genres I'm thinking of writing.

Happy New Year's Everyone!


Mithrass said...

Even though you said it already...adding video of you in action sticking to your resolution ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle,

This blog is awesome...I like the Abernethy Network! Hoping to catch up with you soon. Bye for now.

Loren Nowak