Friday, January 5, 2007

Curriculum + Wiki

What do you get when you combine curriculum + wiki? You get Curriki, a new networking site for teachers brought to you from our friends at Sun Microsystems.

I'm always interested in places where teachers can network, share resources, and broaden their horizons. I believe teachers that talk (not whine) to each other about what they are doing in the classroom are the better teachers. These teachers learn from the best professionals out there who know more about education than any other self-professed "expert"in the field - other teachers.

I'm interested to see what Curriki will bring to the world of education. You can read more about it on their website or in eSchool News.


Mithrass said...

I went and read about it...curious to see how this will work. Didn't sign up, I signed up for TOO many things today that I was going batty in the eyes with sign in screens!

john said...

Recently renewed interest in online educational resources (and a bit-o-Googling) led me to your site. A former teacher and webDev hobbyist, I am curious...

I am watching for to go live. I have even created a wiki to start some conversation about the space (what do we want, what do we need?). Would you be willing to join a wiki-conversation about education?

If you are curious, maybe you would visit Curriki Workshop, and share 2¢ about online curriculum development. What do you think should emerge from Curriki? BTW - XWiki is the wiki engine that Curriki is deploying, so by posting at Curriki Workshop, we can learn the wiki markup that will be in play once Curriki goes live.