Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year's Resolution Part Two

I am one that if it is in writing, it might get done faster. I need to not only see the image in my head, I need to see the images before me on paper. I am a very visual person. For the past few years I have been toying with writing a book. Couldn't decide if I wanted to write a romance novel, but finally crossed that one off my list because all I know in that area is second hand from other romance novels. Thought about other genres, but again -my lack of knowledge would show greatly. But I had some inspiration this weekend by another author, Kay Teehan, and so today I started writing my book. Hopefully it will be finished soon. I might even attend a writer's meeting next week to get some pointers!

But in the down time of writing the book, I'll be on the blog and I have to say how thankful I am that I have the blog. I started off only telling a few people that I had the new blog up and running, sort of embarrassed for my own silly reasons. Thanks to the blog, not only do I get to continue sharing my passion for technology in education, but I've been able to network and get back in touch with friends from DEN. For instance, a DEN Member that I met this summer had been trying to reach me and couldn't find my address anywhere. Thanks to my blog, she found me and we've been able to catch up on old times and even start talking about some new times. Then Tom Turner, another great educator, mentioned my blog on his blog and I'm now in touch with Teryl from Tennessee. Betsy from Discovery gave another friend of mine from pre-DEN days in SC, Loren, my link and now we're back in touch.

What's amazing is the networking that happens from just one simple post. I would be so lost if I had to live in the Pony Express Days because I do not mail cards (I mean to, even write them and sometimes stamp them, but forget to take that last step), am horrible at calling people, but can live it up on email and other electronic communication. The capability to network electronically is just simply amazing.

So my encouragement to all of you for New Year's Resolutions. Forget resolving to lose 10 pounds, because once you do, 15 more will find you later in places even more deplorable. Instead, resolve to accomplish one of your secret dreams - like mine is writing a book and actually take a step to making your dream come true. Hey, this is Disney's year of a Million Dreams Coming True. Why not make that OUR year to Make OUR dreams come true?

Also (you're not getting off that easy!) resolve to network with other professionals or those who share a common interest as you. A great place to start are teacher communities, such as the DEN or on blogs, such as this one. I myself have also resolved to network in my new town and learn my way around it. Getting to Publix, Wal-Mart and Target's and not knowing a soul in the town I live in is pretty pathetic. Thanks Larry and Kay for pointing that one out. :-)

Thank you for reading and leaving comments. You inspire me even more with each thought!

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