Thursday, January 25, 2007


It was an interesting day on Wednesday. I got to attend my last DEN event, which was bitter sweet. It was great seeing my DEN friends again, but it was a bit uncomfortable to be there in the role I was in. It was worth it to see the friends I did get to see.

Anyway, on the tour there was something that they said that really grabbed my attention. I use to have my students design an amusement park of their dreams and design it around a theme. We talked about which subject matter would be needed to plan an amusement park that would really bring in the crowd. Well, the tour really confirmed that entire lesson. The Mummy ride used psychology and history in order to create a thrilling ride. In the Horror Make Up area we learned how the original visualizer of Frankenstein really had to use his reading skills in order to bring him "to life". There was no picture of him to go by, so the entire copyrighted Frankenstein was designed based on the words of Mary Shelly. He was created by sewing body parts together and so he should have stiches on his body. The brain lead to the flat head.

It's definitely worth taking the tour with your students. When you do, think about having the students create a podcast of something they learned. That was our project for the day. It was my first attempt at Garageband and podcasting, but Diana, Larry and Cheryl Woolwine were an AWESOME TEAM and I think our podcast was great. I learned a lot from each of them, and of course shared many smiles and laughs.

You can find our podcast by visiting my home page.

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