Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scholastic: Online Activities

I really can't wait. I have to share the wonderful things that I learned about the ".com" side of Scholastic while at FETC. First, I got to work with Mark and Kathy. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kathy before, but this is the first time I have gotten to work with Mark or in the booth for Scholastic. Mark is a trainer for Scholastic and was really great to work with in the booth. Poor Mark, I'm sure he was tired of the wonderful people who kept coming into the booth just to give me a hug and say hi. :-) However, he is really cool to work with and a true gem to Scholastic.

There are many things to share that I'm having a hard time to decide where to start. I decided to start with Online Activities, even though a few of these will be featured again later this week. Now most people think of reading when they hear the word "Scholastic", but there is so much more there. The Weather was this show's feature in the science arena, but I think my favorite is actually the one for Oceans. You can choose which sea creature, Leatherback Turtle or Dolphin, that you would like to swim with as you explore the Ocean with Earth Watch.

Not only is there plenty on there for the Science teachers, but the History teachers have a lot of great activities for students k-12 as well. The Teaching American History Teachers in Sumter, SC use to use a few of these to incorporate technology in their classroom or to at least get lesson ideas from. Since Black History Month is just a few days away, why not check out the plethora of activities to incorporate into your lessons?

Math teachers feeling left out? You shouldn't. I enjoyed the Math Maven's Mysteries, which you can use for grades k-5. There's a nice little mystery that you can either read to your students or have them read and then there's a question at the end. Ready for the next step? Have your students write their own math mysteries with a problem to solve. That's one way of getting writing across the curriculum in!

So many cool features of Scholastic and just so much time to type it all! I'll share more tomorrow.

For those of you who are were in the DEN - I got to enjoy an early dinner with Larry and Darlene Wolfe today. They are doing FANTASTIC and said to tell everyone hello!

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Mithrass said...

I've been SUCH a slacker again about posting on other blogs. More like selfish at keeping up with my own. You gave me the run through on all of these NEAT features of the website that it was tough to remember them all. I've shared the flashlight reader with my daughter to test it out on here before I take it to my new teachers.