Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lessons Being Learned

I have a new toy. Well, no it's not a toy, I should say I have a new tool. I needed a new computer desperately, and I needed to learn how to become "multi-lingual" at least on the computer. I'm fairly competent on the PC, but the Mac always intimidated me, so that's what I bought.

I'm learning a lot on this new tool and finding a lot of things I like. So far my favorite software available has been iPhoto. However, I also found it to be the software that really drove a lesson in my head. See, I am constantly forgetting my camera whenever I go somewhere. Or, I remember to take it, but I forget to take pictures of events, people, and places. I myself don't like being in pictures because I look like a marshmallow with hair in most of them. In the past, this wasn't a big deal. I took a photo for the blog, and then enjoyed the event.

The along comes iPhoto. I start adding photos, searching for them all over and realize several things. One, I am not organized in the photo area and this is where Flick'r could be beneficial. Or maybe I should say where iPhoto will be beneficial. Second, I didn't have a many photos with me in them or that were quality shots. I especially learned that I took events for granted. I expected to see my fellow DEN Managers in December. I was never the snap happy camera girl, as I explained earlier and now I realize that I missed great photos of my old friends. I even missed getting great photos of my DEN members and events that we had together. Lesson learned. Take more photos.

So how did iPhoto teach me these lessons? Simple. See, I'm not a scrapbooking type of person. I have all the tools, but I don't like laying it all out, working for a few hours on a page or two, and then putting it all back up. And it's quite expensive. Because I didn't do anything with my photos before is probably why I never took many. iPhoto though has this capability to actually build books with your photos. Choose your layout and add your photos. Then once you're done, you send it to Apple to print out, bind in a hardcover, and mail to you. Cost is about $40 with shipping and handling. Yes, I know that there are books that you can buy yourself now to do the same thing, but you're still having to print (and good ink is money) and then pray you don't make a mistake while printing or putting it together.

I just created my first iPhoto book and hope to have it soon. I'm really hoping I have it before FETC. Either way, if I see you, watch out. If my lesson is truly learned - I will be taking a lot of pictures at the pre-conference.


Mithrass said...

I've been HORRIBLE about commenting over here lately Danielle. Sorry about that. Just been crazy with the new job upcoming and all. And oh blogging as well. :(

I've ALWAYS been bad about bringing a camera. With return this year I will be buying a small one so I can start taking pics like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle,
It looks like what you are doing is really neat. You do not know me. My name is Barbara Kieszek and I am Dolores Noechel's secretary. Well here is the deal...She is at FETC now Jan 23 '07 and trying to locate you! She tried some phone numbers, but they must have been too old. In any case they don't work. If you do not spot her soon, could you please call me at 850-833-5873 or email me at with your phone or cell number if you don't mind me passing that on? I know she wanted to see you while she's down there getting smarter! Another DEN, Cathy McIntyre is also down there with Dolores, too. Thank you Danielle & I hope to hear from you! Enjoy taking those many memorable pictures!