Thursday, February 15, 2007

Be Kind for a Week only?

It's the week of "Random Acts of Kindness", which is convenient since Valentine's is also this week. I'm hoping that as parents and teachers, and even as a society, we are teaching our children (and a few adults) that random acts of kindness should be enjoyed all year and not just in one week. However, this is a good week to reinforce opening doors for others, helping people pick up dropped items, assisting without being asked, or just smiling and saying hello. (I find this to a simple way to cheer people and warm their hearts. It also throws people off!)

So go on, go be kind to someone!

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Mithrass said...

Haven't seen the new look Danielle on your blog as I've been just clicking 'comment' from bloglines and it takes me to the comment page...LOOKING GOOD!!!

Now....RAK Week again eh? Don't know if I can muster the niceties to be nice to others!