Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Human Weakness

I set up my Google Homepage to have quotes of the day appear. Today there is an appropriate quote, "Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?" from Henry Ward Beecher fits me perfectly. I have a card to Books A Million, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders. I don't have either one of them within 25 miles of my house, but I make it a point to stop at one whenever possible. I only order from Amazon when I have to. I'm strange. I enjoy all the senses of reading a book. I want to pick it out, touch it, even the smell of a book adds to the images that we read. Books on tape are so sterile, they do nothing for me.

My favorite room in any school building is usually the Media Center. They are open, inviting, and the librarian is so knowledgeable. I usually went there first. Some day, when I grow up, I might become a school media specialist/librarian. They are usually up and up on technology, books to read, what teachers need to integrate, and is a teacher's best friend. And professional development- WOW! What they offer and teach to not just the students but to the teachers is amazing! The Media Specialists back in Sumter 2 and I always shared technology and literary updates. I met some wonderful media specialists here in Florida, including Kay Teehan, Cecelia Solomon, Sue Loper and all the FUNTASTIC Media Specialists in Putnam County. I know they are a testament to what Librarians/Media Specialists should be. However, many states are decreasing funding for the library. The librarians are cut, or they end up only checking out and shelving books. There's an interesting article about this in NEAToday.

I'll continue to shop for books, but I'll always support REAL Libraries with REAL books and more in the schools. Support your school library today. Go check out a book, or if they're holding a bookfair (my weakness more than Girl Scout Cookies)- buy some books and donate them to the Library.

Books should be every human's weakness. Especially students and teachers.

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Tom Turner said...

Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies... (evil grin inserted here)

I hope you guys are enjoying them. I seriously need to let you go through my box of books and help me whittle down mycollection. I have WAY too many.