Thursday, February 1, 2007

North Star

One of my favorite authors is Peter Reynolds. He's nothing like the other books I read, but I find his stories to be inspirational and uplifting. His artwork is just right (not scary like those David books).

But his website! WOW! I'm there now and the first book I read by him is available! Woo Hoo! You can choose your character and even read it in Spanish if you so choose. Then scroll down a bit and there's a link to the AUDIO VERSION! They have their own Fable Radio! This is just too cool!

You have to go and explore Fable Vision. You might also be interested in checking out Peter Reynold's site. I want even more of his books now! I also encourage you to check out the Client Services side of Fable Vision. There you'll find an inspiring He Was Me. Use this for the next creative session or a professional development class that needs to release the inner child.

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