Saturday, February 17, 2007

The DL on the DS?

My son wants to be a gamer. Unfortunately for him he doesn't have a gamer for a mother. He has a Gameboy Advance and has been wanting a game station for his tv. So I decided to get him the GameCube for his birthday with the piece for playing Gameboy games on it. I went into Wal-Mart yesterday and was greeted by a really nice assistant manager. He could have taken advantage of my niateve. Instead he tells me that the Gamecube is becoming obsolete and that the games from the Gameboy will look very pixelated on it. We then talked about games all together. Now he didn't have a DS to sell me, but he sold me one anyway. He told me what the Ninetendo DS system can do, then he told me about Brain Games. Brain Games gives you a little test and then helps build your brain. Some of the things in there are directly related to reading and math skills. Then there's the logic and reasoning that can be helpful in any area of life.

I went to EB Games, they didn't' have one in a boy approved color. I went to Targets, found him one. I even found the other Brain Game, so he now has both. I wrapped it up, and gave it to him. He was excited until he unwrapped the games. I made the big mommy mistake and didn't buy him a new FUN game because I figured he'd use his GameBoy Advance games on it until after his party on Sunday. But that wasn't good enough. Nope.

But here's what I am in need of - I need to know what games are good for a 8 year old who's not a strong reader and doesn't want to play silly "Dog and Cat" games, but rather King Kong or some other action adventure game. I also want some tips on how to encourage him to play the Brain Games and make it sound like fun.

Is there a class for gaming beginners? I could really use one.


Mithrass said...


You know that 1. I'm a gamer, and 2. That I play online RPGs. I will have to show you on Monday the set up we got for Caryn and Cameron for Christmas this year as that was the way we went for presents. Caryn just LOVES the Brain Games, but then again, she's a strange one like her daddy here!

As for Cameron, we went with the easy. There are racing games, and you can NEVER go wrong with any of the Super Mario Bros. games as well.

Of course, we will have to talk about this ad nauseum on Monday!

Teryl said...

Okay Danielle, you know I have an eleven almost 12 year-old who has been playing games since he was three on the computer. He's trained my three-year-old how to play now, too. In fact Eric, the young one, can beat me on any game on the PS2. My husband has been gaming since I've known him. Give me a holler by e-mail or phone! I'd love to chat. BTW I might be coming to Orlando for a conference in April! Is it close to you? I'd love to get back together. I'll keep you posted on it! Teryl