Saturday, February 24, 2007

Creative and Passionate

There are many adjectives out there that people use to describe me, some nice and some not so nice. There are also plenty of adjectives I wish could be used to describe me - but alas, my love for Girl Scout Cookies, ice-cream, and iced drinks from Starbucks are not going to help me get that wish anytime soon. Creative and passionate though are two words that I hope to someday achieve, and I also hope any teacher out there also achieves them.

Why? Well, I was reading some blogs today and they refueled my passion. First, I stopped in on the ever so talented and down-to-Earth Dreamer Karen Seddon. (I was the first to describe her as that- down-t0-Earth dreamer. We made a great team, but I often was in my own hot-air balloon and racing off to other places. She'd ground me quickly and help me plan the route before taking off again.) Anyway, she has started a new business called e-Cubed to spread her passion and creativity when it comes to technology in education. Check her out.

Next I checked in on the guys at SEGATECH. They are my absolute favorite bloggers. Sorry Tom and Steve, you're tied for second. I enjoy Jeff and Daniel because they are so passionate about educational technology and this comes across in their blog. Today's blog is about creativity. Their blog gave links to some other interesting blogs, such as this one about Creative Spaces to work in. I am one who firmly believes creative juices help move things along and the job done faster and better than just juice.

The passion came from the next blog I checked in. They were talking about passion and how educators can actually teach businesses a few things about putting some passion in their life. I read a few other posts as well. I just love this blog. Read it!

Okay, my blog is getting too long. Let me stop and wrap it up.

My favorite quote was from George Burns, "It's better to fail at something you love, than succeed at something you hate." So teachers, I have some questions for you. Obviously you love teaching because you're not in it for the money or the headaches from the government. What makes you so passionate about teaching? How do you use your passion to make your classroom more creative and engaging? And do you think you could teach without passion or creativity and still reach today's children?


Tom Turner said...

Why am I so passionate about teaching?

I had a teacher, my 7th Grade Geography (go figure eh Danielle???), who I could tell from being in her class LOVED what she did. I will never forget the day that I showed up at my mother's school, which my old teacher, Dr. H, was now an Asst. Principal at, and ran into her. After the obligatory hellos and how you doings. We got onto the subject of what are you doing with your life? I thought she was nearly going to flip a somersault when I told her I was a geo. teacher, and that she was pretty much my 'lamppost' that guided me to the finish line through college.

So all in all...I wanted to be her. And to get the reaction from my students the same way she did when she was teaching.

Karen C. said...

I like this look a lot! Keep up the good work, Danielle!