Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Six Trends

There are six trends that eSchool News reported on today that we need to look out for in 2007. Here they are:

  • User-created content: More Wikis, Blogs, and Podcasts, Oh My! Which is great, because these are fresh ideas and thoughts for you to harvest and make into your own.
  • Social networking: Between MySpace, FaceBook, and even sites like Scholastic and the DEN, social networking is in the forefront. The way they are suggesting to use social networking - as a benefit to students- is a great plus! Sort of like the virtual classrooms that we have heard about, just modernized. I do want something MORE and special for Social Networking for teachers. I have a dream - and I bet, it's going to come true one day soon. What can I say, I'm a believer.
  • Mobile phones: As soon as a school bans things, do you notice their popularity? In truth, I didn't read Harry Potter until schools started talking about banning it from their libraries. The new movement is to ban mobile phones from schools. I understand their reason, but because of their ban, mobile phones are on the rise. I find their use in schools very interesting and all I have to say, "it's about time!"
  • Virtual worlds: This is one time where I can say District Two was on the cuttin' edge! With our Teaching American History Grant, our teachers created virtual museums, complete with avatars, walls, and more using software from Adobe. We got lucky and Bill, our consultant, gave us templates to start with. This was wonderful because all of the teachers could edit the template and not be so overwhelmed by the design. The software by the way is no longer available. Adobe decided not to support it after all. I wonder if they created something new and better to take it's place since Virtual Worlds are part of the top trends to watch for.
  • New scholarship and emerging forms of publication: Of course, this one is interesting, and I can see someone like Kay Teehan taking advantage of it soon. I'll always be an old-fashioned book reader, but the suggestion here is that text books and other books will become electronic, with integration of video, live updates, and even collaboration. With this in mind, maybe I will go after my doctorate now. Hmmm- mass collaboration on writing my thesis. :-) I like it!
  • Massively multiplayer educational gaming: I'm not a gamer, at least not in the electronic sense of the word. However, I encouraged the use of Lightspan games in my technology coaching days and I'm interested in seeing how gaming is going to engage the learner now. I've seen some of these games thanks to Darlene Wolfe. She introduced me to Tracie and others who actually create educational games at UCF. I know students like Tommy in Calhoun will be thrilled about this one!
The six trends have been in education for awhile - or at least most of them. It's interesting to see how trendy we're becoming.

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Michele said...

You can bet Tommy would be thrilled with the educational gaming. I see a lot of benefits for the students and the teachers with this concept! We really need to try to make learning fun! This is a very creative way and appealing form of learning for the tweenagers and older.