Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Build to Lead

I was recently at a training for netTrekker in Norfolk, VA and each of the awesome technology coaches received a pin that said "Leaders never stop Building". At least I think this is the exact quote. Anyway, it's right. If you are a leader, you will never stop building. Look at Disney for example. He had built a wonderful theme park. Did he stop? No, he built EPCOT. Then the team added on MGM and Animal Kingdom and tons of water parks, etc. And his team is still finding ways to bring the magic to you.
An even better example to me is Universal Studios bringing us the World of Harry Potter!
But now I'm curious as to what the new products are that companies will be bringing to us at NECC. What are the tech leaders going to build for the future? Math software will now be available from Microsoft. I'm very excited over the new books online from Scholastic. Scholastic is also making some exciting new changes to their website, just in time for teachers.
In case you're not going to make it to NECC to learn about all the wonderful new things, check out the official bloggers for NECC.

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