Friday, June 15, 2007


Have you "Googled" yourself lately? I decided, after watching a report online the other night, to set up a Google Alert for anything that comes up with my name. I was curious. Well today I received results from that Google Alert from Pipl. I had never seen this search engine before, so I backed up to the original domain and was quickly intrigued. I retyped my name. No results. But wait, there were there just a minute ago. So I typed in Hall Davidson - he's always got hits. No results. How about Steve Dembo, I mean he's all over the web. No results. So I typed in JK Rowling. YEAH! I got hits. And the other things tagged with JK Rowling were just as interesting. So I go back to do one more search - look near the bottom and find out that Pipl is in it's Alpha stage. Guess I should cut it just a bit of slack. I think this will be a fun search engine once it's up and running at full speed. I can even think of a few ways to use it in the classroom!

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