Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lexile Conference

Right now I am sitting in my room at the Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World. I'm waiting on Brandon Cohen so I can learn how to set up the booth for netTrekker. We're both here for the Lexile Conference. Pretty snazzy place to be setting up for a conference!
While waiting for Brandon (who flew Delta so of course there were issues with his flight), I talked to one of the marketing teams for the Lexile Group. Corrie Hartline explained to me how this is the fourth year, and their largest, Lexile Conference yet. Over 1000 people are registered, and the presentations look pretty exciting. I saw that Debbie Bohanan is part of a team representing Achieve 3000 and Reedy Creek Elementary. Mary Lane Sloan will be here from Richland County School District Two, SC to present on netTrekker. There were a few other names I recognized as well. Looking forward to putting faces and names back together.
As far as vendors, there's Pearson, Follett, some new ones, and then the one that's going to break my pocketbook -Scholastic. They are selling their books and boy are those prices awesome! I don't want to, but the reader in me has to, finish the series of Charlie Bone. Plus she has the Artemis Fowl book I have yet to pick up. Then there were some books for Joey and maybe Auntie Dani can pick up one for Zoe as well - oh, but there's another book for me. Maybe I'll get lucky and Brandon will keep me and my purse down at the netTrekker booth. :-)
netTrekker is here because of the way they use Lexile reading scores in their searches. Did you know that you can narrow down your search by the Lexile Reading Score, meaning you can actually help your challenged readers find even more appropriate material when using netTrekker? Pretty snazzy if you ask me!
Snazzy - that must be my new term.

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