Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hurricane Math

Florida is one expensive place to live! Property taxes are high, the insurance rate is sky rocketing, and the housing is not cheap! Throw in gas money to get to go anywhere - the parks, shopping, museums, etc.
And toss on hurricane preparedness and you have a very expensive state to live in. I went today to just buy a few of the supplies and to start getting what I need for window coverings. I have about 14 windows that need to be covered, not including my two sliding doors. Three of my windows are 6ft by 5 ft. Those were going to cost me just over $200 to cover! My head began swimming with arithmetic nightmares.
But that would be a cool project. How much does it cost to prepare for a hurricane? If you plan right the first year, what do you need for year 2, year 3, etc?
Throw a bit of geography into the lesson - which states are affected by natural disasters? Which states have such severe weather that the inhabitants must prepare with specialized kits, etc. now that would be a math/geography question for the 21st Century!
Need to go investigate other hurricane prep needs. I lived through Hugo, with the eye of the hurricane was right over my house. I slept in the hallway clutching a Bon Jovi photo. WoW what a mess! Yeah, I better go get those window coverings.

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Debbie said...

What a great idea to introduce hurrcane math. I have a wonderful unit on huricanes but I never thought to include the cost of perparation. I will definitely be adding that to my unit. Thanks for the great idea.

I'm glad Bon Jovi was there for you!

Debbie Bohanan