Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am currently working with my community on a newspaper. We know we want to have an online version. Should I use Pages from iWork and PDF the final copy and upload to our wikispace? Or should I use Letterpop? Is there a similar online tool out there? Or should I use Word, since most people have Word, and just upload it without the PDF?
The things that make you go hmmmm.


Tom Turner said...

I would personally use whatever on your Mac would have FAR more flexibility in creativity than with Letterpop.

m said...

Hi Danielle. Tom may be right about flexibility but Letterpop looks like fun. It's easy and fast. I think teachers might like it and use it just because it is so fast and easy. I haven't tried to print, email, save as pdf, etc so need to play around with it some more but thanks for turning me on to it. So much out here to see and learn. Your page is a great resource. Thanks!